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Gift Guide: For the Cook, the Crafter, the Hobbyist, the Kitchen, the BBQ Master, 
the Hostess, the Organizer

Customized Spice & All the Things Nice Storage Solutions for Every Taste, Craft or Hobby

Los Angeles - (June, 2015) – Give a gift that ticks all the boxes:

  • Something for Mom
  • Something for Dad
  • Something for the Hostess
  • Something for the Crafter or Hobbyist
  • Something for the House (and Garage)
  • Something for the Cook
  • Something for the Organizer or Wannabe
  • Something Useful
  • Something Transportable 

Orii’s just-introduced line of stackable Mono Block jars and Pods do prove the gift-giving maxim: good things do come in small packages. True to its claim, these reimagined jars maximum use of minimum space no matter the size, scale or limitations of counter or cabinet.

Breaking free of space constraints, the stackable glass Orii Mono Blocks and streamlined Orii Pods break the bounds of the traditional jar setup by showcasing intelligent – and stylish – design and storage options. Exceptional, practical functionality pairs with aesthetic appeal for all tastes and situations for the accomplished, everyday or novice cook, and any storage limitation. A modern, clean design distinguishes the sets with two color options (sophisticated grey and white or a vibrant lime-green accent).

For the organizer, the secure stacking element means there’s a place for everything and everything in its place. Ideal for the home office, craft and sewing room or garage, basement and closet organizing.  Both the Mono blocks and cylindrical pods are tabletop-ready: store paperclips, binder clips, nails, pushpins, sewing needs, spools of thread, even Band-Aids.  The carousel or tray options allow the user to design and stock, as needed – and as needs change.

For the cook, the hostess and the kitchen, make the Orii line the gift that delivers the ooh, ahh and the thank you.  Pre-filled spices come with several Orii Mono Blocks and Pod sets – or give the set and add your own personalized spices to complete he package.



Mono Block 5 pc. Tray Set: Spice blocks, stylish compact block measuring cup and block timer. 

2 - in- 1 Salt & Pepper Grinder /Single Salt & Pepper Grinder 

Stylish compact and very simple, the mono-block measuring block is the perfect addition to your mono-block collection.


Orii Spice Blocks
Functionally intuitive, the sleek Orii cubes stack in combinations directed by the user. Each Orii single block jar holds a just-right 4 oz. of spice or seasoning. A tray option is available that securely nests each see-through glass mono block on the base. The patent-pending design is ideally suited for easy stacking or re-stacking in various setups as cooking and kitchen prep needs change from meal to meal.

Artfully-designed, these reimagined spice jars are space-saving building blocks ideally suited to constructing a personalized spice and seasoning array -- making a custom seasoning library at one’s fingertips. Prepping an outdoor barbecue? Stack the salt, peppers, garlic salt, or favorite herb rub in adjacent rows for quick access. Want the baking spices handy in one group?  Consider it done. Hope to make the Thanksgiving meal prep easier with so many cooks and dishes competing for space and spices? No worries. The options and opportunities to create and re-create the perfect spice or seasonings set are boundless in this clever, user-friendly set design. Each mono block is screw-sealed with an airtight lid, and the crystal-clear glass cube showcases the contents and levels.  Stir or spoon contents per preference, straight from the jar.

A range of Orii block options are available (see companion release) including tray options suited for stacking. A grid on the tray separates each block. From that base, neatly stack individual blocks to fit space or need. The rubberized base grips securely to the countertop or pantry/cabinet shelf, and all components are dishwasher safe. 

Orii Spice Pod
Orii’s Spice Pod is a re-imagining of what a spice jar can – and should – be. A slim, compact cylindrical pod is a marvel of design and engineering.  A crystal clear, impact-resistant SAN window port eases visibility of the spice or seasoning contents. The bulk of the spice inside is housed in the interior of the pod to ensure lasting flavor, color and freshness.  Snap cap removes; simply sprinkle for light dispensing or remove secondary hood top for measurement pour or for larger quantity dispensing. Multiple options offered, including: carousel (16 pods) or the Orii stacking vertical stand (fits eight pods in individual insert cavities for immediate access).

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